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OEC held a safety meeting before an outdoor internship

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On the morning of December 22nd, OEC held a safety meeting for students before they went to Daiyun mountain for teaching internship. Peifen Zhuang , Executice Vice Dean of our college, Shijiang Cao and Zhongsheng He, our head teachers, attended the meeting. The meeting was about the preparation before internship, traffic safety,food and property security.

First, students should correct the attitude during the internship. Also, it is important for students to have a sense of cooperation and respect local customs.

Second, students should be disciplined and strictly follow the arrangement of teachers.

The third aspect is it should be ensured that daily necessities and medicine, tools are in place.

The fourth is about food and personal property security, students should pay attention to what they eat and take good care of their own valuables .

And the fifth, necessary coldproof measures should be taken in advance considering cold weather in the mountain.

After the meeting, all the students signed an agreement named  Safeoutdoor internship.

Translator: Yizheng Wang; Reviewer: Liqing Wei

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