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The fourteenth “International Lecture”

 Time: 2017-12-19  Author:   

On the evening of December 14th, Professor Jeff Morton from Dalhousie university in Canada was invited to hold a lecture on the topic of studying and living abroad for hundreds of teachers and students in OEC.

Professor Jeff showed the overview of Canadian university campuses using slides and briefly talked about Canadian culture and daily life. Taking Dalhousie University as an example, Professor Jeff highlighted the difference of teaching and learning environment, facilities and resources, and international diversity of Canadian university. Comparing Canadian campus with Chinese, he pointed out some difficulties that students may encounter when studying abroad. He focused on the employment prospects of landscape architecture in Canada and emphasized that students should make full use of spare time to improve themselves, strengthen their independent learning abilities, participate in various social activities and engage in part-time jobs during their university life.

During the lecture, teachers and students were attentive, interacting actively. Many students enthusiastically raised their hands and asked questions.

The International Lecture strengthened the students’ international cultural awareness and promoted further understanding Canadian culture and education, broadened their international horizons and provided students with valuable information.

Translator: Yizheng Wang; Reviewer: Liqing Wei

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