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Ecology Program awarded “Distinguished Team In Program Development”

 Time: 2018-01-23  Author:   

The Ecology Program jointly run by FAFU and University of British Columbia (UBC) was awarded “Distinguished Team In Program Development”at FAFU undergraduate education meeting on December 26, 2017.  

UBC is a world renowned public university, with its leading level of teaching and research in the world. Ever since the ecology program recruited the first cohort of students in 2013, FAFU and UBC have made every effort to develop the high-quality bilingual courses, train the bilingual  faculty and high-level versatile talents with innovative capability and globalized vision.  introduce train the talents. Until now, 29 students have been sent abroad to continue their study at UBC through the program.

On the basis of Joint program, FAFU and UBC built partnership in student exchange, faculty training and research, aiming at expanding the radiation effects of internationalization experience and driving forward the undergraduate education reform.      

Correspondent:Xin Chen, Translator:Dianlong Chen

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