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FAFU held the first Chinese language Competition

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On the evening of Dec. 26th 2017, FAFU hosted the the first Chinese language contest of the third international culture festival in Chang Cheng conference hall. The contest attracted more than 300 Chinese and foreign students with the cooperation of school executive committee and international exchange office.

It is reported that a total of dozens of students took part in the first Chinese language competition and there were eight finalists. The final section was divided into contestants' self-introduction and talent contest, answering questions while listening to music, and “you draw me guess”. Each of the finalists was paired with Chinese student volunteers who collaborated to present the talent contest and finish the painting.

The participating students performed their talents through lectures, crosstalks, recitations, songs, Musical Instruments, and other forms to test the foreign students' understanding of Chinese culture and promote the culture exchanges. Moreover, Some of them delivered some speeches on the belt and road, some joined together to sing I have met you. to express thanks to meet each other, some performed crosstalk let's say something truth” that inspired laughter. In the process of listening to the questions, the contestants answered questions about the songs, which were challenging.

After several rounds of competition, finally Chew Huifang from Malaysia, won the first prize. Uth Tiang En from Malaysia and Hafiz, Muhammad Rizwan from Pakistan won the second and third, respectively. The others received the rewards of “Excellent”.

Chuleeporn Pikulton, from Thailand, a master student of agricultural economy management of College of Economy, addressed I love Chinese culture and would be glad and nervous to enter the finals of the competition that there are also a lot of excellent friends to participate in. The atmosphere of the Chinese competition is nice. I really enjoy chatting with Chinese students, showing together and making progress together.”

Translator: Ruibi Lin, Reviewer: Yunhai Lu

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