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OEC investigated the potential security hazards of international students' dorms

 Time: 2018-01-11  Author:   

In the afternoon of Jan. 9th 2018, OEC faculties went and inspected the foreign student dormitory, laundry room, activity room, kitchen and other areas in order to ensure the campus security, including student life and property security.They reminded the students to pay attention to various hidden dangers.

During the inspection, the faculties focused especially on the lines of laundry dryers, washing machines, the lighting equipment of dormitory corridor, and so on. They also made sure that t no high-power electrical appliances were used by any students and the kitchen wastes were correctly cleared. The students were reminded to eliminate all the security hazards before leaving the dorms, especially cutting off the switches of water and electricity and locking well the door.

Translator: Ruibi Lin, Reviewer: Yunhai Lu

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