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OEC faculties visited the off-campus accommodated international students and their families

 Time: 2017-10-25  Author:   

Recently, in order to better understand the off-campus accommodated international students and their families, OEC faculties visited several international students’ houses located in MinHou university town about their learning and living situations.

In the visiting tour, the officers had warm conversations with students about their rent, temporary residence permits, etc., to understand their accommodation environment in detail. The faculties had a look at the kitchen, toilet, etc., and reminded them to be vigilant against the potential security hazards and at the same time, encouraged them to try their best to learn Chinese to adapt the life in China as soon as possible, focus on their academic study, meanwhile, take care of the personal life.

The students and their families appreciated the visiting and expressed their gratitude to the OEC faculties.

Translator: Ruibi Lin, Reviewer: Yunhai Lu

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