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Successful Graduation of 2017 Graduates

 Time: 2017-06-23  Author:   

On June 22nd 2017, 23 graduates of international students participated in the graduation ceremony which was held in the auditorium of FAFU.   The Nigerian students KUFRE EDET OKON gave a fluent Chinese speech on behalf of the foreign student graduates at the graduation ceremony. He expressed his appreciation and high respect to school leaders and teachers, for their concern and guidance, and congratulated all the graduates as well! They will make the best efforts for the friendly exchanges between China and foreign countries.

In recent years, FAFU made tremendous development in the international education, and now there are nearly 200 international students, including language students, bachelors, masters and doctors etc., from nearly 50 countries and regions of the world. The development of international education has increased the popularity of FAFU, and it has become an important component in constructing the “high level” and double “first-rate” university.

Translator: Ruibi Lin, Reviewer: Yunhai Lu

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