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UBC teachers gave lectures to FAFU faculty and students

 Time: 2017-12-27  Author:   

Dr. Suzie Lavallee has been teaching Conservation in Biology to the students of Cooperative Program between UBC and FAFU. During the teaching at FAFU, She was invited to deliver a open class and a workshop themed Development of learning objectives in curriculum using Blooms Taxonomy, with approximately 50 FAFU faculty and international students attending.


 With the topic of Conservation Ethics, Suzie shared the key knowledge in a easy-to-understand approach during the open class, and various teaching methods including reviewing recent paper findings, case study, group discussion, games and in-class quizz was also utilized to increase student engagement and arouse their interest.


In seminar, Dr. Lavallee introuduced the DACUM model and Blooms Taxonomy approach to the attendees, helping their development of course learning obejctive at different levels. Discussion section was also planned after seminar for the invited speaker and faculty during which they had a further discussion and Suzie helped to clarify the questions from the guests.


Two lectures given by Suzie received praise from both FAFU faculty and students, and they hoped a similar section or event could be held in the future to improve the communication and trust between two universities.

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