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Dr. Tianyuan Yu from MSVU Gave a Lecture to OEC Students

 Time: 2017-12-27  Author:   

Dr. Tianyuan Yu from MSVU Gave a Lecture to Group 2017 OEC Students and 3+1 Jinshan students on December 25, 2017. Dr. Yu shared her own experience and encouraged the students to realize their dreams by studying hard. She also gave a detailed introduction about the diversity of Canadian culture, cultural shock for Chineses students, and how to minimise it, and advised the students to learn English well, read more books in humanities, history and sociology to make full preparations before going to Canada, which will help them to adapt themselves better to the study and life in Canada. Dr. Yu encouraged students to experience new things which is the most valuable asset in one’s life.

Dr. Yu is a tenured professor in Department of Business Administration and Tourism and Hospitality Management in Mount Saint Vincent University in Canada. She teaches OEC second-year students Organizational Behaviour this semester. She is good at encouraging students to participate in activities in class. Her passion makes her classes lovely and interesting.


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