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Schedule of the Course----Project Seminar by FAFU and Dal.

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April 28 Monday, 2:00-3:35 pm, Xi 304video recording

Dr. Dong Zhongmin’s Lecture#1

Lab report and term paper in Canadian Paper


April 29 Tuesday , 3:55-5:30 pm, Xi 304 video recording

Dr. Dong Zhongmin’s Lecture#2

Literature Review


April 30 Wed., 3:55-5:30 pm, Xi 304video recording

Ms. MaryLou Starr’s lecture

Cultural shock


May 4 Sunday, 2:00-3:35 pm, Xi 304 video recording

Dr. Jia Qi s presentation

Introduction to statistics for biologists

1. Statistical terms in English

2. Interpreting data

3. Designing Experiments

Assignment#1 Interpreting data (i.e., graphs and tables from scientific papers


May 5 Monday, 2:00-3:35 pm, Baoling 307

Dr. Jia Qi s presentation

Tests of significance

1. Student's T test

2. Chi-square test

Assignment#2 Statistical terms in English


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