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College Introduction

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Introduction to OverseaEducationCollege

OverseaEducationCollege (refer as OEC below) was established in April 2001, which is an educational body for Sino-foreign cooperative education programs for Fujian Agriculture andForestryUniversity (refer as FAFU below). Its functions include recruiting Chinese students, managing international programs, and train students for overseas cooperative education programs. In addition, the college is also responsible for managing international undergraduate and graduate students and Chinese students fromHong Kong,Macao andTaiwan.

OEC adheres to ‘Quality Education’ as guiding principle and has introduced high-quality educational resources from abroad to train our students to meet international standard. In the past 10 years, total 985 students have enrolled in the OEC’s programs; among them, 462 students from FAFU have been sent abroad. Total 631 students have graduated from OEC to date. In addition to Sino-foreign cooperative education programs, OEC became the organization for FAFU in 2011 to host international students, after FAFU was awarded by the Ministry of Education as a host for Chinese Government Scholarship Programs to sponsor international undergraduate and graduate students.

The successful development of OEC strongly supported FAFU’s international education strategy, stimulated FAFU’s education reform by serving as a platform for international exchange and globalization. OEC’s success has been recognized widely by education authorities and the social community.


In 2001, FAFU andNova ScotiaAgriculturalCollege inCanada signed a Sino-foreign cooperative education agreement. OEC was established.

In 2003, the agreement was approved by Fujian Provincial Department of Education. Students started to enroll in theHorticulture andAgricultural Resources and EnvironmentBachelor Degree programs.

In 2007, the Bachelor Degree programs forHorticulture andAgricultural Resources and Environment were granted by Ministry of Education for the validation date until 2027.

In 2011,Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University was awarded by the Chinese Ministry of Education as one of the universities applying for Chinese Government Scholarship for studying in China.

    In 2013, FAFU's scholarshicp was established to encourage and support excellent foreign students to study at FAFU, especially for Master and PHD program students. In addition, over the years the university has welcomed a large number of  overseas students from 48 countries. By December 2016, the number of foreign students studying at FAFU has exceeeded 200.

In 2012,Nova  ScotiaAgriculturalCollege was merged withDalhousieUniversity and became Faculty of Agriculture of Dalhousie University. The Ministry of Education approved the project partner to be changed toDalhousieUniversity.

In February 2013, FAFU appointed Professor Gefu Wang-Pruski fromDalhousieUniversity as the Dean of OEC.

In 2013, FAFU and University of British Columbia (UBC)’sEcology undergraduate degree program was approved by the Ministry of Education, and began to recruit students in the same year.

In 2014, FAFU and University of Dalhousie University’sLandscape and Architectureundergraduate degree program was approved by the Ministry of Education, and began to recruit students in the next year.  

Names of OEC main leaders





May 2001-June 2005

Yahua Chen

Vice Dean

Associate Professor of English Language Education

June 2005-July 2009

Zonghua Wang


Professor of Plant   Pathology & Molecular Genetics

July 2007-July 2012

Yahua Chen

Party   Secretary     

Associate Professor of English Language Education

July 2009-June 2011

Shuilin He

Vice Dean

Professor of Crop Sciences

July 2011-July 2012

Linping Wang

Vice Dean

Professor of   Economics

July 2012-March 2013

Huaping Zeng

Party Secretary

Responsible for   College administration  affairs

February 2013-March 2016

Gefu Wang-Pruski


Professor atDalhousieUniversity

December 2016--

Peifen Zhuang

Executive Vice-Dean

Professor of   Agricultural Economics and Trade

March – November   2013

Zhixiong Luo

Vice Party Secretary     

December 2013 -

Zhixiong Luo

Party Secretary


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