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A worldwide cuisine cultures showcase by International Students at OEC, FAFU

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On the afternoon of Dec. 7th, 2013, international students passionately prepared and showcased their traditional foods in Tuo Huang Playground. Some 2+2 Program students from Overseas Education College participated the showcase. This occasion was hosted by FAFU Youth League committee, FAFU International Cooperation and Exchange Office, Overseas Education College and Food Science College. 



The food tasting activity was divided into groups according to their nationalities. Chinese students were assigned to different groups and they cooperated with the international students, set a general plan, made shopping list, shopped together for the food and then presented to the public. This cordial cooperation between the international students and Chinese students won praise and appreciation from FAFU’s teachers, students and the general public who joined the occasion. This activity further enlarged FAFU’s teachers and students’ visions and mutual understanding which helped create multi-cultural environment. It also created a platform for foreign students to show their country, history and culture.


Vice-Present of FAFU, Zonghua Wang and OEC staff members joined this activity and shared various cuisines made by international students.




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