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A new undergraduate education program- the Landscape Architecture

 Time: 2014-10-15  Author:   

        Recently, the Landscape Architecture undergraduate education program co-organized by FAFU and Dalhousie University of Canada has been formally approved by the Ministry of Education. Therefore, the number of Chinese and foreign cooperative education projects in FAFU have reached to 4.

The project is a Chinese-foreign cooperative full-time undergraduate education program in the field of engineering and will begin enrollment in 2015. It is based on dominant disciplines of Landscape Architecture of FAFU and Dalhousie University. The goal of this program is to train excellent specialized personnel who possess the basic theory and professional knowledge in the area such as ecology, landscape architecture design, landscape engineering; understand theoretical front, prospects and the latest developments in landscape disciplines; should be familiar with the related knowledge and methods of landscape art theory and design theory. The undergraduate students also need to know the landscape planning and design as well as the management policies and regulations. The project is also the first cooperation by Dalhousie University and China that the same name major of Dalhousie University is settled in China.

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