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Marine Life Summer Institute - Summer 2016 @ Dalhousie

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Dear OEC Students,

We are pleased to announce that more information on the Marine Life Summer Institute, including fee estimates and the application process, is now available online at:


As a partnership betwen OEC and DAL, OEC students are eligible for a special partner discount to the English for Marine Biology option. Please contact the Director of the ESL program, David Packer, to learn more: David.Packer@Dal.ca

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Dates in July and August 2016

Get outside the classroom for a hands-on learning experience this summer by taking a 2-3 week Marine Life of Nova Scotia credit course and pairing it with a special 10-day ESL course specific to Marine Biology content, an orientation and accommodations (all optional).   

Marine Life of Nova Scotia (BIOL 2605) is a half-credit/3 credit hours course that provides an introduction to the marine life and habitats found in the province of Nova Scotia on the east coast of Canada. It is open to all majors, assumes no prior knowledge, and requires only one year of university. The course includes:

 •Regular field trips to a variety of marine shore environments.

 •3 day-trip to the Harrison Lewis Centre field station near scenic Port Joli, Nova Scotia

 •A whale-watching trip

 •Lectures, exercises and laboratory investigations to complement the field trips.

 •Discussions on the impacts of human activities on marine life.

Dalhousie University is world renowned for its ocean studies and is located in the beautiful historically-rich oceanside city of Halifax in Nova Scotia, Canada.


Application details:


Questions? Contact:

Cindy Staicer, SEASIDE Program Director, Dalhousie University

1 (902) 494-3533


Source: Emily Tector, Dalhousie University

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