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OEC held a lecture on life consciousness education for freshmen

 Time: 2013-11-08  Author:   

On November 5th,a lecture entitled as "understand life,cherish life" about life consciousness education was given to the freshmen by  deputy party secretary Li Xiaohui.

He used the recent domestic colleges students casualty events as the breakthrough point,profoundly expounded the importance of life consciousness education of college students.He expressed the hope that students could establish correct outlook on life at the university,make proper self-planning to improve the quality of life and develop their potential to increase the meaning of life.

This lecture is one of the lecture series for students in safety education,in order to enhance safety awareness,prevent trouble beforehand. OEC will also continue to carry out"Internet addiction prevention and treatment","civilized travel and traffic safety"," theft and fraud preventionlecture",in order to further strengthen college students' safety awareness and enhance the basic college students'self-help skills.

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