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Welcoming the first FAFU-Faculty of Agriculture Students for 2013-14

 Time: 2013-07-11  Author:   

A group of eight FAFU-Faculty of Agriculture students arrived Friday July 5th. They will take an intensive eight-week program in English for Academic Purposes (EAP) at Dalhousie’s Continuing Education in Halifax. 

By studying hard to meet the requirement of an equivalent of IELTS 6.0, they will enter the Bridging English program on our campus in September. They are our first FAFU-Faculty of Agriculture students who are accessing our Dalhousie Continuing Education to help prepare for their academic success in our B. Sc. (Agr.).

We look forward to their attending our Truro campus on August 28th for International Student Orientation. In the meantime they will visit our campus later this month. If you see them here, or on the Halifax campus, please extend a warm greeting to them. For more information please contact Nancy Pitts (nancy.pitts@dal.ca) or Mark Mason (markmason@dal.ca)

Eight new FAFU-Faculty of Agriculture students were welcomed by Nancy Pitts and Mark Mason as they prepared to start English for Academic Purposes on the Halifax campus this summer.

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