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Associate Vice President Keith Taylor of Canada's Dalhousie University Visit Our University

 Time: 2013-05-27  Author:   

On March 19-20, Associate Vice President Keith Taylor, Dean of Academic Affairs Asa Kachan, and Director of International Affairs Alain Boutet from Canada's Dalhousie University visited FAFU and met with Vice President You Minsheng and Wang Zonghua respectively.

In the forum held on the morning of March 20, Vice President Wang Zonghua exchanged opinions with the guests from Dalhousie University on promoting bilateral cooperation. Wang Zonghua introduced our university’s history, specialty, subject building, and achievements in recent years, especially the achieved result of cooperation with Faculty of Agriculture of Dalhousie University for a decade, and discussed the move and ideas to strengthen further cooperation with Dalhousie University. Keith Taylor, Associate Vice President of Dalhousie University, introduced their teaching, research, and specialty, expressing a desire to deepen bilateral cooperation.

Subsequently, Keith Taylor and his party and their Vice Dean of Faculty of Agriculture Claude Caldwell, who is now teaching in FAFU, held a working meeting with Overseas College. The two sides exchanged views on furthering Canada - China Students Exchange Program, courses introduction, academic requirments for students studying abroad, scholarship, etc. and reached a consensus.

The cooperation in education between FAFU and Faculty of Agriculture of Dalhousie University (formerly Nova Scotia Agricultural College) has lasted for ten years since 2003. In September 2012, Nova Scotia Agricultural College formally merged with Dalhousie University, and in early 2013, FAFU employed Dr. Wang Gefu, professor of Faculty of Agriculture of Dalhousie University, to be the dean of Overseas College, which promoted cooperative relation between the two universities.

Dalhousie University, founded in 1818, is an internationally renowned university located in the east coast of Canada, and it has 12 faculties, 18,200 students from over 110 countries.

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