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Professor Gefu Wang-Pruski Receives a New Role as the OEC Dean

 Time: 2013-05-27  Author:   

On 22nd February, Dr. Zonghua Wang, FAFU’s Vice President, and Mr. Huaping Zeng, Vice Dean of Overseas Education College (OEC) of FAFU, witnessed the signing of the employment agreement by Prof. Gefu Wang-Pruski. The appointment was occasioned with ceremony held at Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University (FAFU). The occasion made Prof. Gefu Wang-Pruski to begin her new responsibility as the Dean for the OEC of FAFU.

In the ceremony, Dr. Zonghua Wang and Mr. Huaping Zeng, on behalf of FAFU and OEC, expressed respectively their warm welcome and strong support to Prof. Gefu Wang-Pruski’s joining the teamwork. The OEC faculty members are expected to work closely with Prof. Gefu Wang-Pruski for the common goal in promoting and developing OEC to a new level of opening education and international cooperation. Meanwhile, Prof. Gefu Wang-Pruski also extended her appreciation to the trust and support from FAFU, and expressed her confidence and determination in her new job.

FAFU is a leading higher education institution with multiple disciplines, especially in the strength of agriculture and forestry sciences, in Fujian Province. In recent year, FAFu has given a top priority to the development of a high-level personnel team by attracting professional talents from within and abroad.

Prof. Gefu Wang-Pruski is a fulltime professor of the Dalhousie University. Her contribution not only lies in her primary research domain of potato genome, but also in the 2+2 joint program between FAFU and DalAC since 2003.

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