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FAFU-DAL 2+2 Program Students won Prizes

 Time: 2013-05-27  Author:   

This year, 40 FAFU-DAL 2+2 Program Students were graduated from Dalhousie University with Bachelor’s degree.  Among them, 23 won Honors for their excellent academic performance. Mr. Lu Wei, the top student of Agriculture Economic Science, was presented with High Honors, for achieving a cumulative average of over 90%. Only three undergraduate students won this prize in Dalhousie University Faculty of Agriculture this year. Lu Wei, Chen Yougui and Lin Xiang also received Canadian Agricultural EconomicsSociety Book Prize and the University Medal, who were the highest academic standing students in their departments. Luo Qi and Liu Qi won Dr. Gerry W. Friars Undergraduate Research Prizes, for completing the best graduating theses. As the chairman of International Student Association, Liu Qi also received Student Leadership Distinction Award for his devotion to student activities on campus.

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