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Ashley-Jane Chow delivered a lecture at FAFU

 Time: 2017-12-18  Author:   

From November 6th to November 8th, Ashley-Jane Chow, the officer in MSVU’s Registrar Office gave a lecture to Sino-Canadian program students in our college. All the first-year and second-year students majoring in Horticulture and Agricultural Resource and Environment attended this lecture.

Chow first showed a elaborately made film to demonstrate the study and life of Canadian eastern coast and Mount Saint Vincent University. The film greatly aroused the students’ enthusiasm and their desire for studying in Canada. Chow also gave the  introduction and interpretation in the field of the geographical environment, human landscape, facilities, accommodation conditions, admission requirements and credit transfer of Mount Saint Vincent University. Besides, Chow shared with her own experience in studying at Mount Saint Vincent University as well.

Chow left a deep impression on everyone with her delightful sense of humor. Students got more acquainted with the life of studying abroad through this meaningful lecture.

Translator: Lanlan Yang, Reviewer: Liqing Wei

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