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Professor Kris Pruski gave lectures to first-year students

 Time: 2017-12-18  Author:   

This semester, Prof. Kris Pruski from Faculty of Agriculture of Dalhousie instructs Botany course for Grade 2017 students majoring in Horticulture, Agricultural Resources and Environment and Ecology.Associate Professor Zhenhong Zhuang, from College of Life Sciences, works as a Chinese co-teacher to assist teaching.

It is reported that Botany is a high-quality course introduced from Dalhousie University. To make this course localize teaching and learning at FAFU and play the leading role, tofurther enhance the teaching effectiveness and quality, Prof. Pruski and Associate Professor Zhenhong Zhuang have been launching the compilation of the course textbook by combining a long-term cooperative teaching experience with the actual characteristics of FAFU students.

Translator: Lanlan Yang, Reviewer: Liqing Wei

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