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Outstanding Alumnus, Qiming Lv Presents at OEC

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Invited by Registrar Office of Agricultural Campus of Dalhousie University, Qiming Lv, the excellent alumnus (enrolled in 2010, graduating class of 2014) accompanied Dr. David Gray, the Dean of Faculty of Agriculture of Dalhousie, to visit FAFU in November 16, 2017. During his two-day visit, Qiming Lv delivered four lectures to Sino-Canadian program students majoring in Horticulture, Agricultural Resources and Environment, and Landscape Architecture respectively.

Qiming Lv elaborated on Canadian general situation, Dal campus environment, teaching and learning facilities and resources, meal and accommodation conditions and major establishment of Dalhousie University in the lecture. He also shared his own experiences in the aspect of study, life, work and preparation for postgraduate entrance examination during studying in Canada.

Besides, Qiming Lv interacted with students in an active atmosphere. Students all benefit a lot from these lectures and hoped that the college would deliver analogous lectures in the future to lay a good foundation for the career planning after going abroad. 

Qiming Lv is a student enrolled in 2010 at FAFU. In August 2012, he went to Faculty of Agriculture of Dalhousie, where he studied Botany. Now he is studying for a master's degree. So far in Canada, he had won many awards, mainly including:

Awards for the 2016-2017 academic year:

1.Graduate Research Training Initiative, Canada-Nova Scotia Growing Forward 2 Program$17, 300

2.Gordon B. Kinsman Memorial Graduate Scholarship ($2000)

Awards for the 2014-2015 academic year:

1. B.Sc. Honors and University Gold Medal

2. Faculty of Agriculture - Dean’s List

3. 2015 Dalhousie University Faculty Leadership Award

4. 2015 Dalhousie University Faculty of Agriculture Spirit Award

5. AC Neish Memorial Trust Scholarship

6. C & G Retson Memorial Scholarship

7. International Student Scholarship

Awards for the 2013-2014 academic year:

1. Faculty of Agriculture-Dean’s List

2. International Student Scholarship

3. HAL McLaughlin Memorial Scholarship

Awards for the 2012-2013 academic year:

1. Faculty of Agriculture Entrance Scholarship ($3000)

2. Faculty of Agriculture-Dean’s List

Translator: Lanlan Yang, Reviewer: Liqing Wei

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