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Two students of FAFU 3+2 Sino-Canadian program were granted UBC-UBG Forestry Scholarship in 2017

 Time: 2017-11-30  Author:   

On the afternoon on November 26th, 2017-academic-year UBC-UBG Forestry Scholarship Awarding Ceremony was held in Faculty of Forestry. Mr. Yangqian Qi and Mr. Yufei Li, FAFU Sino-Canadian program third-year undergraduates majoring in Ecology, won the UBC-UBG first-class scholarship (8000 Canadian dollars)  and third-class scholarship (3500 Canadian dollars) respectively.  Dr. John Innes, Dean of Faculty of Forestry, Dr. Guangyu Wang, Vice Dean of Faculty of Forestry, Mr. Changxue Yu, Counselor, Mr. Jun Xiao, Consul of Chinese Consulate General in Vancouver were in attendance. Mr. Yangqian Qi deeply appreciated the learning opportunity provided by FAFU-UBC Sino-Canadian Program, he also shared his experience about what Chinese students should do for adapting to overseas universities in his acceptance speech.

UBC-UBG Forestry Scholarship is founded in 2012 by both UBC and United Benefit Enterprise Group Co., Ltd (UBG) located in Shanghai. The scholarship is offered to the excellent Chinese students recommended by the cooperative universities according to their satisfactory results on GPA and IELTS.

Translator: Zhou Shen, Reviewer: Liqing Wei

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