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A Dalhousie delegation’s visit for “Dual FAFU-Dalhousie PhD Program”

 Time: 2017-11-22  Author:   

On November 17th, a delegation led by Dr. Carolyn Watters, Provost & Vice President, Academic of Dalhousie University visited FAFU and had a discussion on “Dual FAFU-Dalhousie PhD Program” in Mingde Building of FAFU main campus. Dr. Yanhe Huang, Vice President of FAFU hosted the meeting.

Dr. Yanhe Huang delivered a welcome speech. He said three educationalprograms have been conducting well based on a nice and long-term FAFU-DAL academic relationship. This bilateral cooperation has reached a new milestone when Dr. Siren Lan, President of FAFU wasawarded an HonoraryDoctorate Degree byDalhousie in May, 2017 in recognition of his contribution to promoting bilateral cooperation. Dr. Yanhe Huang expressed his hope that the proposed “Dual FAFU-Dalhousie PhD Program” would proceed smoothly.

Dr. Carolyn Watters highly appreciatedFAFU for the long-term support and expressed DAL would actively promote the proposed PhD program. Dr. David Gray told that a classicalChinesegarden as a mark of successful collaboration would be built in the center of Dalhousie Agricultural Campus to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of DAL in 2018. He hoped landscape architecture experts from both sides would participate in designing the garden.

Representative of FAFU International Cooperation and Exchange Office, Graduate school, andrelated colleges attended this meeting.

After the meeting, the delegation of DAL including Dr. Alian Boutet, Executive Director, Office of International Relations, Dr. David Gray, Dean of Faculty of Agriculture of Dalhousie had a further and detailed discussion on the proposed agreement. The delegation was invited to visited FAFU new campus in the UniversityTown as well.

As known, for the past 13 years, the two institutions have had an incredibly successful 2+2 Bachelor of Science (Agriculture) program, in which graduates earn a Canadian bachelor’s degree and a Chinese degree accredited by the Chinese Ministry of Education.

Graduates of the FAFU-Dalhousie Faculty of Agriculture program have secured highly competitive graduate study positions and high quality jobs in both Canada and China.


The proposed expansion of the current collaboration between the two institutions is with a 2+2 agreement: the first two years of the FAFU-Dalhousie program will be delivered at FAFU and the final two years in Halifax. Students who successfully complete both a Dalhousie program and the corresponding FAFU program will be granted the appropriate PhD degree from each institution.




Correspondent: Xin Chen

Translator: Zhou Shen; Reviewer: Liqing Wei

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