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"Don't keep silent, say what you want to say":the first-year students debate competition of OEC has come to a successful conclusion

 Time: 2017-11-21  Author:   

On October 22, the first-year students debate competition hosted by Debating Association of OEC was successfully concluded after one-month long fierce competition.

Five teams from different classes took part in the debate competition, during which they were completely immersed with great enthusiasm.

In the debate competition, students discussed the topic, exchanged their thoughts and cooperated with team members; their minds conflicted, refined and new ideas sparked.

Finally, the team from the students majoring in Agricultural Resources and Environment won the championship. Three best debaters were Shuangshan Wu, Yunhan Wang and Jianing Sun.

The aim of this debate competition was to enrich college life, to provide a platform to communicate and understand each other, to learn to enjoy teamwork. Also, their thinking and expression ability were greatly improved.

Correspondent: Tongxin Ye

Translator: Yizheng Wang; Reviewer: Liqing Wei

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