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The 2005 year entrees returned campus for ten-year graduation anniversary

 Time: 2019-06-26  Author:   

On June 15th, the alumni of FAFU Sino-foreign program (2005 year entrees) returned Jinshan campus to celebrate ten-year graduation anniversary.

Professor Wang Zonghua, the then Dean of the OEC, now the President of Fuzhou Minjiang University, was invited to participate in the event. Luo Zhixiong, OEC Party chief, and some related FAFU staff were in attendance.


During the get-together, the alumni were so excited to see each other again after these many years. They couldn't wait to gather and freely talked about friendship, families, shared life experiences, and then there was a class meeting where people talked emotionally to pass best wishes to the alumni and the OEC. Some other alumni home and abroad were not able to come back for this event, but they were happy to congratulate to the event through sending video clips reporting recent developments of their work and life as well.  All the alumni were delighted with great changes of FAFU and expressed their best wishes to their Alma Mater.


Correspondent: Xin Chen

Translator: Liqing Wei


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