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The second "World Youth Talk"

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On the evening of May 17, the "World Youth Talk", one of the activities of the Fourth International Cultural Festival of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University (FAFU) was held in Li Changsheng Lecture Hall. Themed “World Youth: Learning in China”, co-sponsored by Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, Youth League Committee and Overseas College, the talk attracted eight groups of foreign students from forty-eight countries, such as Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Nepal, Egypt, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Tanzania, Zambia and etc..


The students discussed on “Why choose to study in China”, “My story of studying in China” and “Questionnaires on Chinese culture and how to study Chinese language”.

During the talk, the students showed their appreciation on China's Belt and Roadinitiatives and great efforts in building a community with a shared future. Some said, “I have made my determination and have had much confidence in obtaining degrees in China.” Others said “China's higher education is becoming more and more international, and has had increasingly considerable influence all over the world.”


Impressed by broad and profound Chinese civilization, openness and comprehensiveness of the Chinese nation, many students expressed that they enjoyed studying at Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University. They not only learn scientific and cultural knowledge, but also perceive the unique charm of Chinese civilization. “We should be a promoter and contributor to the mutual exchange of civilizations when we are back to our country with graduation certificates.” the students said.



It is reported that the "world youth talk" is one of the serial activities of the International Cultural Festival at FAFU. It has been attracting FAFU international students from many countries and has played an active role in enhancing cultural connotation, international friendship, international perspectives and sharing learning experience on campus.

  Correspondent: Peike Wu, Zhixing Zhang

  Translator: Liqing Wei


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