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Drs. Gray and Caldwell hosted the alumni gathering at FAFU

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 On the evening of October 22nd, 2016, the alumni gathering of FAFU-DAL-AC Program was held at Academic Exchange Center of FAFU. The attendees included more than 30 FAFU-DALAC Program alumni at home and abroad. Dr. Zonghua Wang, Vice President of FAFU, Professor Minsheng You, a former Vice President of FAFU, and the OEC staff were invited to participate this auspicious event. Drs. Gray and Caldwell, Dean and Principal, Vice Academic Dean of Agricultural Campus, Dalhousie University hosted the gathering.

Dr. Gray extended his warm welcome to the alumni coming from afar and expressed his heartfelt thanks to their participation on the momentous occasion of the 80th anniversary of FAFU. He added that the accomplishments of FAFU-Dal cooperative education programs are one of the most fruitful results due to a long-standing relationship of collaboration. And their accomplishments are also represented by the achievements of the alumni.


Dr. Wang, Vice President of FAFU said that more than ten years of FAFUs Sino-foreign cooperative education programs has witnessed her gradual moving towards internalization. Specifically Sino-Canadian programs have been the demonstration platform of our internationalized education. One of the highlights of our partnership has cultivated graduates with international outlook, proficient English skills and academic expertise. Nowadays, distinguished alumni have made encouraging achievements in all trades and professions all over the world. FAFU keeps focusing on the alumnis development. He hopes that the alumni continue to support FAFUs development and pay more visits to FAFU.

The alumni expressed deep thanks to both DAl AC and FAFU for offering them Sino-Canadian programs-- a wonderful platform, which has helped them fulfill their dreams of successfully studying and working abroad. The 2+2 double-campus model makes us proficient in English, feel confident in our respective cultures, more advantageous in hunting jobs. Best wishes to FAFU, a happy birthday to FAFU. Wish the Sino-Canadian programs a splendid future.

As known, on the morning of October 22nd, 2016, Drs. Gray and Caldwell attended the convention for the 21th Silk Road of the Sea, the Opening Ceremony of Sustainable Agricultural Development Forum and FAFUs 80th anniversary celebration. On the opening ceremony, Dr. Gray gave a keynote speech on behalf of Dr. Florizone, the President of Dalhousie University. He addressed a congratulation to FAFUs 80th Anniversary, spoke highly of what FAFU has achieved over the past eight decades, appreciated the achievements of Sino-Canadian Programs and showed great expectation for future cooperation between the two universities.

Firstly launched in 2003, FAFU-Dal cooperative education programs carry out 2+2 dual-campus teaching model, strive to learn advanced foreign educational philosophy, and actively introduce foreign high-quality educational and teaching resources. Through above programs, FAFU has enrolled and educated a total of 1200 strong comprehensive talents equipped with international views and great professional skills, and have helped over 500 students realize their dreams of going global and going to world-famous universities. Currently, FAFU and Dal focus on establishing Sino-Canadian Graduate College which is a Sino-foreign cooperative education institution with no independent entities.


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