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UBC Faulty Teaching Two Courses at FAFU

 Time: 2018-04-13  Author:   

Dr. Patrick Culber from University of British Columbia (UBC) visited FAFU for the teaching of Forest Classification and Silvics and Tree Physiologyto the second and third-year students in ecology program. Han Lin and Shijiang Cao from Foresry College, FAFU were the co-lecturers to the two courses, respectively.


Patrick Culber, the faculty member at the Faculty of Forestry, University of British Columbia, teaches Forest Ecology and Foundations field School for UBC students. He has been actively engaged in the overseas education and has extensive experience in international teaching. His class at FAFU also won warm appraise from the students.

Correspondent:Dianlong Chen, Haiyan Su, Translator:Dianlong Chen 

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