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I. Scanned copy of passport personal information page (passport validity shall be at least until February, 2021).

II. The highest education certificate. For non Chinese and English versions, notarized Chinese or English translation shall be attached, and the student at school shall submit the studying certificate issued by the school.

III. The highest academic transcript. For non Chinese and English versions, notarized Chinese or English translation shall be attached.

IV.Study or research plan in China.

V. Resume.

VI.Chinese / English proficiency test certificate or equivalent language proficiency certificate (it is not required for overseas students come from the country where English is the official language and apply for English-teaching majors).

VII. Two letters of recommendation from experts with associate professors or above (no requirement for overseas students applying for bachelor's degree).

VIII. If the applicant is under 18 years old, relevant legal documents of the legal guardian in China shall be submitted.

IX. The fund guarantee certificate issued by the bank or the guarantee certificate issued by the economic guarantor (no requirement for scholarship students).

X. Scanned copy of physical examination form for foreigners (uniformly printed by China Health and quarantine department). The applicant shall carry out the examination in strict accordance with the items required in the physical examination form for foreigners. The physical examination form without items, personal photo, stamp on the photo, signature of doctor and seal of hospital is invalid, the validity period of physical examination result is 6 months.

Foreigner Physical Examination Form.pdf

XI. Electronic version of personal ID photo.

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