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Virtual Town Hall meeting with DAL-AC international students

 Time: 2020-04-27  Author:   

Dalhousie University Faculty of Agriculture

Frida, April 24th 3-4pm

To support DAL-AC international students during COVID-19 period and hear students’ concern and questions, a virtual town hall meeting was host on April 24th from 3-4pm through Microsoft Teams.

The meeting committee included Dr. Gray (Agricultural campus Principal and Dean of DAL-AC), Dr. Balakrishnan Prithiviraj (Associate Dean of International), Dr. Chris Cutler (Associate Dean of Research), Dr. Emmanuel Yiridoe (Associated Dean of Academics), Dr. Nancy McLean (Assistant Dean of Students), Carolyn Bartlett (Acting Director of Student Success and Health Services), Hugh Lyu (FAFU Coordinator), Mark Mason (International Student Coordinator) and other staff from different departments. Together, 47 international students attended the meeting, including 32 FAFU students.

During the meeting, Dr. Gray and Dr. Prithiviraj emphasised that DAL-AC will give full support and provide resources that students need during COVID-19. Students asked various questions about study permit, working, research and academic.

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