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Dr. Suzie Lavallee from Forestry College of UBC taught at OEC

 Time: 2017-12-25  Author:   

Dr. Suzie Lavallee from Forestry College of University of British Columbia(UBC) began her lectures of 'Conservation Biology' for third-year Ecology students in our college this semester. Yuzhe Wang, from College of Forestry of FAFU, acted as the Chinese co-instructor.

Dr. Lavallee delivered extremely high effective teaching. She emphasized on students' manipulative ability, field experience and teamwork during courses. Dr. Lavallee also launched three 'Conservation Biology' teaching classes for observation and held a lecture entitled 'Development of Learning Objectives in Curriculum Using Bloom's Taxonomy' to students and teachers at FAFU campus.

        Translator: Lanlan Yang, Reviewer: Liqing Wei

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