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Introduced course —'Visualizing Climate Change'

 Time: 2017-12-25  Author:   

Zhaohua Cheng from Forestry College of University of British Columbia(UBC) gave lectures on introduced course 'Visualizing Climate Change' to second-year students majoring in Ecology at OEC. Yuzhe Wang, the teacher from Forestry College of FAFU, served as a Chinese co-teacher assisting instruction.

Zhaohua Cheng attached great importance to students' participation in the classroom. She often engaged in outdoor teaching organization, which deepened students' understanding and mastery of the course and improved teaching quality and teaching effectiveness. With her rigorous logical thinking, conscientious and responsible teaching attitude, Zhaohua Cheng received widespread high praise from students.

Translator: Lanlan Yang, Reviewer: Liqing Wei

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