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Teaching plan for the 2nd Semester of 2019-2020 Academic Year for International Students

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For the prevention of Novel coronavirus pneumonia, FAFU have formulated and implemented an online teaching scheme for both the undergraduate and post graduate students. In order to enable everyone to understand the relevant information, we translated it for our International Students.


  1. Resumption Date & Online Teaching plan.

According to the requirements of the Education Department, FAFU plans to carry out an online teaching from February 17 until the official opening date (the tentative plan is from February 17 to March 16). The official date of school resumption depends on the development of the epidemic situation, which has not yet been determined. For the students’ health and safety, International Students who are abroad now are not allowed to return to China before the official opening date. Those who return without permission will face disciplinary punishments, including cancellation of scholarships (according to the instructions of the Ministry of Education and CSC). Once the return date is determined, we will inform our students as soon as possible and allow you to have a flexible period to return to school. To avoid the unnecessary losses, it is not recommended to book ticket in advance.


For a detailed arrangement of online teaching, please pay attention for further notice from your training college and International College as well. After the official opening day, the teaching work will be carried out as usual teaching arrangements.


  1. Make-up test

The make-up test time will be arranged at the second week after the official opening day.


  1. Thesis defense

  2. Thesis writing

Students who intend to graduate should continue their research and thesis writing under the online guidance of supervisors.

(2) Preliminary trial of graduation qualifications

The graduation qualificationNormally, for those who will graduate in June, 2020 will be postponed to March 23-27.

(3) Thesis submission and defense

A. For students applying for doctoral degree in March, the defense time will be postponed roughly for 2 weeks (no later than March 20). Specific deadline of different training colleges may apply.

B. For students applying for doctoral degree in June, the pre-defense time and plagiarism test time will be postponed roughly for 2 weeks( no later than April 8), and the external review submission time is on April 9th. Similar timeline apply for master students with possible adjustment made by the training college. Students passing the preliminary trial of graduation qualification without submitting papers for external review in March may apply to the graduate school for an additional chance of degree awarding in July after getting the approval of their supervisors and training colleges.

For those students who plan to graduate this year, it is recommended to contact with your supervisor and make a reasonable plan. If you have any difficulty, please tell us. We will discuss the measures according to the individual circumstances.




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