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College of Public Administration

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Hall,Fujian Agriculture and  Forestry University

Fuzhou,Fujian, China 350002


   Institutional Settings There are 3 existing departments (Public Affairs Management Department, Public AdministrationDepartment and Labor and Social Security Department) together with 3 Research Institute (Soft Science Institute, the Institute for Sustainable Development and Honest Policy Research Center ).

   Disciplines and Majors The School of Public Management has 1 second-level discipline doctoral degree (Rural Social Management);1 first-level discipline master degree; 1professional master enrollment(MPA) and 3 undergraduate majors(Public Affair Management, Public Administration and Labor and Social Security).

   Teaching Faculties The School of Public Management has 6 professors,7 associate professors,11 doctors;3 doctoral supervisors,18 master supervisors together with more than 50 adjunct professors from public departments.

   Talent Cultivation  At present, about 300 graduate students and 600 undergraduate students are studying in the School of Public Management. Every year, over 20 academic graduate students, 100 or more MPA(double-certificate programs -- certificate of academic competence and certificate of professional competence) students and undergraduates are recruited respectively.

     At present, we have 1 Provincial Soft Science Research Base,2 Provincial Higher-education Humanities and Social Science Research Base(Rural Development Research Center and Regional Characteristic Development Research Center );1 Provincial Graduate Educational Innovation Base; 3 research institutes(Soft Science Research Institute,Sustainable Development Research Institute and Honest Politics Research Institute ); 3 rural research bases and over 36 scientific research and teaching practice bases related to public management.

   Scientific Research School mainly focuses on research work in the field of rural public policy, rural social management, rural urbanization,technological innovation management, resource and environmental management and public human resourcesmanagement.So far the school has chaired 4 international cooperation projects,13 national research, and more than 70 provincial and ministerial projects. There are 17 provincial-level scientific research have been adopted in government’s decision-making; one of scientific research get recognitionby the Central Propaganda Department and there are eight researches recognized by the Fujian provincial government.

   Academic Exchange The School of Public Management has undergone academic exchange with colleges and universities, including Texas A & M University, Auburn University,University of Missouri of United States, Brunel University of UK,Durban University of Technology of South Africa and Taiwan Chung Hsing University.

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