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An interpreter of honey bee’s behavior--Prof. Shaowu Zhang from ANU

 Time: 2017-09-30  Author:   

In the period of 25th Sep 2017 to 30th Sep 2017, Prof. Shaowu Zhang from Australian National University (ANU), invited by College of Bee Science, visited our college and gave lessons on the research advanceof honeybee behavior to teachers and postgraduate students.

Prof. Zhang is a well-known expert on honeybee behavior and has been working on honeybee vision, cognition and navigation for many decades. To date, more than 100 articles have been published in peer reviewed journals, including Nature, Science, PNAS and Current Biology. During the visiting, Prof. Zhang introduced the knowledge such as honeybee communication and navigation, honeybee learning and memory, selection on odor and color, and visual optical flow hypothesis, in combination with personal research experiences and publications as well as some valuable videos. When asked about his success, Prof. Zhang emphasized that “Communication and cooperation are extremely important in research”. He encouraged the graduates to cultivate divergent thinking through scrutiny and critical reading. All of the teachers and students were interested in the research and were touched about Prof. Zhang’s enthusiasm and attitude towards research.

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