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Undergraduate students from Texas A&M University visited College of Bee Science

 Time: 2017-05-27  Author:   

On 26th May 2017, two teachers and 13 undergraduate students from Texas A&M University visited College of Bee Science.


Prof. Shaokang Huang introduced the pollination for fruits and vegetables, importance of pollination, the role of bees in pollination. Students were surprised at the pollination efficiency of honey bees that one bee could pollinate a whole pear tree with over 2000 flowers. During the presentation, students also tried some fresh litchi honey newly harvested and spoke highly of it.


Dr. Yan Lin introduced the processing procedures and benefits of bee products. She focused on introducing honey, royal jelly, propolis, pollen and bee acupuncture. Dr. Lin provided fresh royal jelly produced in the morning to the oversea students for tasting. They said, “The taste of royal jelly was different from any other food and they had never tried royal jelly before.” They were particularly interested in the functions of royal jelly and apitherapy.


In the workshop, Prof. Huang opened up the bee hive and displayed the structure of honey combs and bee activities. Students are aggressive in trying holding the bee frames and taking photos. They said, “Although the workshop lasted for only one and a half hours, we learnt quite a lot on bee science and bee products, and tasted fresh honey and royal jelly that had never tried.”

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