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Dr. ManYoung Lee from National Institute of Agricultural Sciences of South Korea visited College of Bee Science, FAFU

 Time: 2017-01-11  Author:   

On 9th January 2017, Dr. ManYoung Lee from National Institute of Agricultural Sciences (NAS), Rural Development Administration (RDA), South Korea, gave a speech on present situation and research of beekeeping in South Korea at College of Bee Science, FAFU. Some staffs and post-graduate students attended the seminar and exchanged their knowledge on bee science with Dr. Lee. In the seminar, Dr. Lee introduced beekeeping situation, nectar plant resources, apiaries, development of bee products, honeybee research, and marketing of bee products in South Korea. Locust trees are the major nectar plant resources, accounting for 80% in South Korea. In the last decades, it has established several official institutes concerning about beekeeping and bee products. Nowadays, bee products including honey, royal jelly, and propolis have been developed reasonably, quality controlled strictly, and promoted extensively in domestic South Korea, which has been a model of bee products commercialization for other countries.

Besides, Director Li Zhu from Wuhan Comprehensive Experimental Station also talked about the difference of beekeeping and bee products development between China and South Korea. This seminar provided a good chance to know the beekeeping situation in South Korea and offered an additional sight on its bee products commercialization.

Dr. Lee was giving presentation.

Dr. Lee and Director Zhu were discussing beekeeping technologies with teachers.

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