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Symposium for the post-graduate thesis proposals in the College of Bee Science, FAFU

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The symposium for PhD and master students thesis proposals was held in the College of Bee Science, FAFU on 27th December 2016. One PhD students and 11 master students, two of which were PhD and master students from Pakistan, gave presentations on their research proposals. The panel consisted of five professors, one associate professor and one lecturer. Meanwhile, several teachers and post-graduate students in the College of Bee Science attended the symposium as well.

A PhD student, Muhammad Fahad Raza, from Prof. Songkun Su’s group described his project of “Studies on the transcriptome analysis and microRNA identification of learning process in honey bees”. This study will focus on investigating the gene differentiation in honey bees with different learning behavior and finding microRNA sequences regulating the relevant specific genes.

A master student named Shahid Mehmood belonging to Prof. Songkun Su’s group presented his studies on “Chinese Sacbrood resistance breeding exploits the difference between Fujian and Taiwan Apis cerana”, which aims to perceive the prevalence of Sacbrood virus and the possible control measures of the destructive viral disease in Apis cerana. It may reveal the reasons why AcSBV has not appeared so far to impact A. cerana beekeeping in Taiwan.

All the students were well-prepared and illustrated their research strategies in detail. Lots of thoughtful questions and valuable suggestions were proposed by the teachers and students present at the symposium.

The members of panel are as follows:

Chair: Prof. Shaokang Huang

Reviewers: Prof. Songkun Su

                     Prof. Bingfeng Zhou

                     Prof. Xiaoqing Miao

                     Prof. Lihua Wang

                     Associate Prof. Xiangjie Zhu

                     Zhiguo Li, lecturer

Secretary: Rui Guo, lecturer

Master student Jingfang He was giving presentation.

Master student Zhenbang Hao was giving presentation.

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