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Professor Runsheng Chen is invited by College of Bee Science to give a presentation on microRNA on May 13th, 2014

 Time: 2014-05-10  Author:   

    Professor Runsheng Chen is one of the pioneer scholars developing the researches on the oretical biology and bioinformatics in China. For more than twenty years, Prof. Chen has led his group to performa series of systemic researches in the field of bioinformatics, including the whole genome assembly and annotation for T.teng congensis B4(the first bacterium genome completely sequenced in China),the1% Human Genome Project, and the Draft Sequence of the Rice Genome. Sofar, Prof. Chen has published more than 120 papers in SCI, and made more than 20 conference or group reports in the international academic conferences since 1996. For his outstanding early studies on genomic informatics, Prof. Chen was invited to give the "Kotani Memorial Lecture" on the 15th International CODATA Conference, Tsukuba, Japan, 29Sep.-Oct. 1996, and then selected as the winner of "Kotani Prize".

    He is invited by Prof. Songkun Su,dean of College of Bee Science, to give a presentation on microRNA on May 13th,2014.

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