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History of Leadership

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History of Leadership


    School of Bee Science of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University is the oldest institution of apicultural higher education in China, which derived from Department of Apiculture of Fujian Agricultrue Colleg in 1960. Prof. Yifei Gong was the first director, as the founder of this discipline Gong has been named as one of the most prominent modern apiculturist in China. In 1988 the department name was formally changed as Department of Bee Science, Prof. Jianding Wang was nominated as the new director in 1987. In 2001, School of Bee Science was established, Prof. Chonggao Cheng was nominated as the first dean. And then, Prof. Qin Liang (2004-2007) and Xiaoqing Miao (2007-2013) were the following successor. From 2013, Prof. Songkun Su is on the office.



>History of Leadership:

First Director, Founder: Prof. Yifei Gong (1960-1987)

Second Director: Prof. Jianding Wang (1987-1996)

Third Director, Dean: Prof. Chonggao Chen (1996-2004)

Fourth Director, Dean: Prof. Qin Liang (2004-2007)

Fifth Director, Dean: Prof. Xiaoqing Miao (2007-2013)

Six Director,Dean: Prof. Songkun Su (2013-present)

School of Bee Science