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Undergraduates of Texas A& M visit College of Bee Science, FAFU

 Time: 2015-05-31  Author:   

A group of undergraduates from Texas A& M led by Prof. Denial and Prof. Shim paid a visit to Collegeof Bee Science at the afternoon on May 28, 2015. Prof. Shaokang Huang gave them a brief introduction of the College. They tasted the delicious Lichee honey newly harvested. They were very exited when they were shown the honeybee queen on the comb of European honey bee, Prof. Huang showed them the Chinese honeybee too. They really enjoyed this “Honeybee Trip”.

Prof. Huang showed the queen to the students

Students are attracted by the honeybees in the observation hive

Undergraduates led by Prof. Denial and Prof. Shim of Texas A&M University

School of Bee Science