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Prof. Shaokang HUANG

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Ph.D, Professor, Advisor of postgraduate.Dean assistant,

College of bee science, Fujian agriculture and forestry university



l          Honeybee pathology and protection

l          Honeybee physiology


  • 03/2012-9/2013   Visiting Scientist, USDA-ARS,Bee Research Lab, Maryland,USA
  • 06/2004-9/2000    Ph.D. of Insect Pathology, Animal Sciences College, Zhejiang University
  • 09/1990- 07/1993   M.D. of Honeybee Protection, Bee Science Department, Fujian Agricultural University
  • 09/1986-07/1990   B.D. of Honeybee Protection, Bee Science Department, Fujian Agricultural University


  • 2008.11-present: Professor, Bee Science College, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University (FAFU)
  • 2002.4-2008.10: Associate Professor, Bee Sciences College, FAFU
  • 1996.6-2002.4  Lecturer, Dept. of Bee Sciences , FAFU
  • 1993.7-1996.6  Assistant Professor, Dept of Bee Sciences, FAU


·         Undergraduates:

·   Honeybee Protection, 1994-2003 

·   Honeybee Physiology,1998- present               

·   Honeybee Pathology, 2004- present       

·   Beekeeping practices 1994-present

  • Postgraduates:

·   Honeybee Physiology, 2005- present

·   Honeybee physiology and pathology (foreign postgraduate) 2014-


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1. Utility model patentA cage for adult honeybee experiment indoorNoZL200920314703.6


·         Fujian Provincial Natural Science Fund Project, “10-HDA Secretion in mandibular gland of workers (Apis mellifera) after juvenile hormone treatment”.2012 -2014No. 2012J01068

·         National Natural Science Fund Project, Evolutional proteomics of two honeybee microsporidia induced by alternative host stress” (2008.1-2010.12, No.30771635)

  • Fujian Provincial Natural Science Fund Project, “Separation and characterizaion of antibiotic peptides from royal jelly of Apis cerana cerana2007.7-2010.6, No.2007J0061
  • Fujian Youth Innovation Fund Project. “Variations of Nosema from Apis melliera and Apis cerana cerana in virulence under stress of alternative host”. (2005.10-2008.11)


  • 9/2010  OUTSTANDING TEACHER HONOUR, conferred by Fujian Agricultural University (FAFU).
  • 12/2009  TEACHING AWARD conferred by FAFU
  • 5/2008  “EXCELLENT YOUTH” conferred by FAFU
  • 9/2000  OUTSTANDING TEACHER conferred by FAFU
  • 9/1999  OUTSTANDING TEACHER conferred by FAFU



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