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Resources & Development of TCM and honeybee products

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Discipline of Resources & Development of TCM and honeybee products

Resources & Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine and honeybee products is an interdiscipline specialty, which compatibly consists of natural science and medical science. The graduates can obtain certificates of pharmacist of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) or pharmacist after passing state examinations, possessing a broad market prospect. Honey bee and bee products, such as bee venom, propolis, royal jelly, bee pollen, honey and honey comb, are valuable medicinal resources, extremely possessing discipline developmental potential and broader application market. As a national leading institution in  bee science, it has the strongest teaching and researching team for the development and application of bee products in pharmaceutics and health care, and strongest research platforms, inculding Bee Products Processing and Application Ministry of Education Engineering Center, Fujian Natural Biotoxin Engineering Laboratory, Fujian Bee Products Processing Engineering Technology Research Center. In addition, Fujian Shen Feng Science and Technology Co., Ltd, with a total investment of more than 100 million yuan, possesses 20000 m2 multiple dosage forms modern pharmaceutical workshop gaining GMP certificate of pharmaceutical production and health products manufacture, provides professional training opportunities for undergraduates and postgraduates. Fujian Apitherapy Hospital, the first provincial Apitherapy Hospital in China, is another important achievement in interdiscipline development. The college newly invests in several practicing bases, such as “a hundred-traditional Chinese medicines plantation”, “aquatic medical animals feed pool”, “snake, scorpion and centipede cultivation park”, “traditional Chinese medicine herbarium” and “specimen make-up room”. We not only enroll the intramural specialists on medicinal plants, animals and microorganisms, but also recruit a group of domestic and abroad talents. Furthermore, we appreciate the worldwide cooperation with institutions and enterprises for upgrading the internationalization level on this field.


Training objective

Training comprehensive scientific and technical personnel who would possess basic theories, knowledge and skills of the specialty of Resources and Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine (the resources including medicinal plants, animals, microorganisms and mineral); and can be active in various areas including the apiculture, production, processing, circulation and management of traditional Chinese medicinal materials (consisting of bee products), pharmacy and health care products manufacture, the administration of traditional Chinese medicine and food, inspection and quarantine of animals and plants, as well as engage in the cultivation of resources of Chinese medicinal materials, production, quality control, new products R&D and processing, technology generalization and development, teaching and research in college related discipline and government related departments or institutions.


Main course

Basic Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Science of Chinese Materia Medica, Authentication of Chinese Medicines, Pharmaceutical Botany, Pharmaceutical Zoology (mainly about bee, scorpion, centipede, and snake), Chemistry of Chinese Materia Medica, Analysis of Chinese Materia Medica, Resource Science of Chinese Medicinal Materials, Bee Products Science, Science of Apitherapy, Apitherapy Cosmetology, Science of Processing Chinese Materia Medica, Pharmacology of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Pharmacy of Chinese Materia Medica, the Development of New Products from Chinese Materia Medica, the Discipline of Pharmacy Administration, Analysis of honeybee products, Honeybee products processing, etc.


Training effect

The specialty of Resources & Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine in our college, takes advantage of the medicinal plants, animals and microorganisms cultivation and processing, and bee science in the university, as well as the preponderance of bee products in China. The pharmaceutical development and application of bee products have occupied first place internationally for many years. Besides, the specialty has teaching experiences and management skills in medicine and pharmacology education due to the good cooperation with Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the experiences on clinical rehabilitation medicine apitherapy for many years. We also possess research, teaching and industrial conditions of “Resources & Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine” including modern Chinese medicine and health care products production and management company of large capacity and apitherapy clinical special hospital. This subject is of extensive knowledge, and has good practice teaching conditions. The well trained students possess excellent research and manipulative abilities, strong adaptive capacities and numerous employment chances. In light of the trend of health care products and medicines development from apiculture trending towards bee products, these specialized graduates will fit considerable enterprises’ demand of bee products production, processing and management for highly qualified professional of this specialty, as well as satisfy the other need of the development of traditional Chinese medicine market, government related departments, college related discipline and related research institutes for high-ranking talent of this specialty

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