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Discipline of Bee Science

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Discipline of Bee Science


This discipline specializes on the teaching and researches of bee science. It covers almost every aspect of bee science, such as biology, physiology, pathology, management, equipments, breeding, protection, honey plants, pollination etc. Many discipline staffs are chief editors of most of textbooks for teaching.


Training objective

The object of training is to facilitate students with comprehensive scientific and technical knowledge and skills on bee science. Graduates can be active in the products R&D and processing, technology generalization and development, teaching and research in the related disciplines.


Main courses

Honeybee biology, honeybee breeding and Inheritance, honeybee management, honeybee physiology, honeybee pathology, honeybee protection, honey plant resource, beekeeping equipment, honeybee pollination,etc.


Training effects

Graduates from our college are popular in the apiculture administrative service division, import and export inspection and quarantine bureau, food and drug administration, teachers of bee science in institutions, apicultural enterprises. For the past few years, our graduates were short of demand, and the employment statistics was always 100%.

We are proud of that more than 80% of the apiculture talents and over half of the national apiculture post scientists are our college alumni, who play very important roles in teaching, researches as well as business and management all over the country.

School of Bee Science