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Notice: International Symposium on Honey Bees and Health

 Time: 2016-06-28  Author:   

International Symposium on Honey Bees and Health

Fuzhou, October 14-16, 2016

Healthy bees  healthy us

Honey bees not only provide pollination for many of our food crops, but also are used as model organisms for studying social behaviors. In addition they also provide us with many products for keeping humans healthy. Recognizing these facts, we are sponsoring a symposium on Honey Bees and Health, which will focus on scientific research on honey bees and their benefit for human health. This symposium is organized by College of Bee Science of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University and Apicultural Science Association of China.

New developments in technology have given researchers more accurate and powerful tools to uncover the mystery of honey bees, from genes to behavior, from cells to colony level dynamics. With your active participation, the symposium will not only be a scientifically rewarding and enjoyable experience, but also be a very good opportunity for bee researchers meeting with one other from different places or countries.

We believe that knowing bees better we can help both bees and humans become healthier.

Provisional list of topics

Honey bee molecular biology

Honey bee behavior and neuroscience

Honey bee pathology and health

Bee products and human health

Symposium venue

Huating Hotel, FAFU, Fuzhou,China

Abstract deadline

Sept 15th, 2016

Contact Information



Email: honeybeecollege@sina.com, 460963445@qq.com


School of Bee Science