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Prof. Martin Giurfa from University Paul Sabatier of Toulouse visited College of Bee Science

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In the period of 17th Nov 2017 to 2nd Dec 2017, Prof. Martin Giurfa from University Paul Sabatier of Toulouse, invited by College of Bee Science, visited FAFU.

Martin Giurfa is an exceptional-class professor at the University of Toulouse, France. He is also an elected member of the German National Academy of Sciences and of the French Professorial Academy of Sciences. His research focuses on invertebrate learning and memory at different organization levels, from behavior to molecules. To date, more than 170 articles have been published in peer reviewed journals, including Nature, PNAS and Current Biology.

On 29th Nov, Siren Lan, the president of FAFU, met Prof. Martin Giurfa in MingDe Building. President Lan welcomed Prof. Martin Giurfa and discussed the crisis of honeybee population in Europe, the model of agricultural economy, and international cooperation with Prof. Martin Giurfa. Prof. Giurfa appreciated the invitation and said he was impressed with the students, teachers, and research conditions here and the visiting experience was unforgettable for him. He would like to promote the cooperation and exchange between FAFU and University Paul Sabatier of Toulouse.

During the visiting, Prof. Martin Giurfa gave lessons on animal behavior, honeybee language, and neurophysiology of pheromone processing in an insect brain to teachers and postgraduate students in the College of Bee Science. On 25th Nov, Prof. Martin Giurfa delivered a lecture entitled “Cognition in the Miniature Brain of the Honeybee”, in which he introduced the learning and memory of honeybees, cognition in the honeybee mini brain, changes in honeybee brain upon memory formation, etc. Audience were interested in the speech and discussed the experimental methodology and phenomenon with Prof. Martin Giurfa.

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