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The first Chinese language teaching class of The Confucius Institute of FAFU was opened

  发布时间: 2014-04-08   信息员:

Recently, after nearly a month’s preparation, the Confucius Institute’s first Pilot Mandarin Course for DUT Staff Members was opened in DUT. Currently, the course went well and have received good responses.

The Pilot Mandarin Course quickly attracted foreign universities’ faculties and staffs, a total of 10 persons including Dr Lolie Makhubu lori, the director of language and translation department of DUT. The Pilot Mandarin Course officially started on March 19th, and the teaching content included Chinese language and culture and basic oral Chinese; The Course aimed to make students to master Chinese pinyin, pronunciation and intonation, to practice the simple writing of Chinese characters and the preliminary daily oral conversation, to preliminarily understand the trajectory and characteristics of Chinese language and characters, and to cultivate the students' interest in Chinese language and culture. The course would be offered during a period of five weeks, twice or 4 hours each week, a total of 20 hours of class.

It is known that the first semester of this academic year of DUT will end on March 28th, and the second semester will start on April 7th. After the beginning of the second semester, the Pilot Mandarin Course of Confucius institute of FAFU destinating to DUT students, the Short Chinese Course destinating to the whole university in May, and the Basic Chinese Conversation Continuous Professional Education Course destinating to the citizens of Durban are now in actively preparation, the work of propaganda for recruit students has been actively carried out in cooperation with the relevant departments of DUT; In addition, the project of Mandarin Fun/Interest Course destinating to local high school students of Durban is also actively prepared by consulting or arranging with different partners.

According to the relevant regulations of DUT, a new course that applies to be a Credit Course of DUT, needs to take the following phases: "Pilot Course—Short Course—Credit Course or General Education Course". At present, the Confucius Institute of FAFU is trying, in accordance with the relevant regulations of DUT, to promote the Chinese teaching with multi-levels, multi-objects and diversification, and to make the Chinese teaching integrating into the foreign university’s Credit Courses or General Education Courses as soon as possible.



Correspondant: Confucius Institute  Fu Chaobo

Translator: Zheng Wei

Auditor: School of Crop Science  Lu Yunhai

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