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Research team of Prof. Chen Jilong has Important Findings in lncRNA

福建农林大学(英文版)   发布时间: 2019-07-05   信息员:

Recently, research team of Prof. Cheng Jilong of College of Animal Science published an article entitled “Novel lncRNA-IUR suppresses Bcr-Abl-induced tumorigenesis through regulation of STAT5-CD71 pathway” in Molecular Cancer (Impact Factor: 10.679, 2018). This article “introduces the mechanism that, through regulation of STAT5-CD71 pathway, lncRNA-IUR suppresses malignant transformation of leukocyte, whichprovides new insights into functional involvement of lncRNAs in leukemogenesis and the mechanism for the transformation of leukocyte.”

Prof. Chen Jilongis the corresponding author of the paper, and FAFU is the sole affiliation of the authors. Dr. Wang Xuefei of Chinese Academy of Science is the first author while Liao Yuan, postgraduate of FAFU, is the co-author.

The article link:

 Correspondant: College of Animal  Sciences   Wang Song

Translator: College of Humanities and LawLin Qiaolu

Revision: College of Humanities and LawChen Jun

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