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The 2nd “World Youths Talk” Held in FAFU

福建农林大学(英文版)   发布时间: 2019-07-05   信息员:

In the evening of May 17, the 2nd World Youths Talk was held in Li Changsheng Lecture Hall. The activity, with the theme of “World Youths Talk - Learning in China”, was jointly organized by the International Department, the School League Committee and Overseas College. Eight groups from Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Nepal, Egypt, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Tanzania and Zambia participated in the activity. Relevant persons in charge from Overseas College attended the activity with teachers and students both at home and abroad.

group photo

Under the theme of “Learning in China”, overseas students centered on three questions about “reasons of choosing to study in Chinn”, “stories as a newcomer studying in China”, and “doubts about methods in learning Chinese culture and its language”. Combining with the experiences of learning in FAFU, they shared their experience in their study, Chinese language learning, cross-cultural communication, and the cognition and perception of Chinese culture, etc. Generally, they agreed that they had strengthened their determination and confidence in studying in China because of China’s increasingly international higher education, China’s growing influence in the world, its profound culture, its open and inclusive people, and its contributions in the Belt and Road Initiative as well as in the building of the community of shared future for mankind.

They all agreed that they had not only learned scientific and cultural knowledge in FAFU, but also experienced and perceived the unique charm of Chinese culture, broadened international horizons, fostered international thinking and enhanced international friendship in the process of cross-cultural communication and interaction. After graduation, when they return to their country, they should be the promoter and contributor of mutual learning and exchange of civilizations.

It is reported that the World Youths Talk is one of the series of activities of international cultural festivals in FAFU, and has been held for two consecutive sessions. Also, it has great shakes in sharing cross-cultural learning experiences, promoting exchanges between teachers and students at home and abroad, and enhancing the cultural connotation of international campus.

Correspondant: International College    Zhang Zhixin    Wu Peike

Photogragher: International College   Wang Kaiyu

Translator: College of Humanities and LawYang Jinjin

Revision: College of Humanities and LawWang Xian

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